TrainingHelping you get the most of your team

We are able to work with any client and their internal development teams with regards to training and education. We offer training and educational documentation on a number of key areas.

Industry best practise

We have extensive experience and knowledge pertaining to programming best practise used within software engineering. We are able to share this experience and knowledge with your development teams in order to assist them in writing more compliant and standardised software.

Industry best practise for software engineering covers more than just the act writing of code; it also covers areas such as:

  • Coding standards.
  • Documentation standards.
  • Source code management.
  • Revision control.
  • Product life cycle.

Secure programming principles

Secure programming is a very important skill for any developer or development team to have especially when the software being written is customer facing or open to the internet at large. We can work with your developers and assist them in developing their security skills using frameworks such as The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Software testing methods

Software testing is one of the most overlooked aspects of software engineering. It is important to ensure that all the software your developers write function as expected and are secure. This can only be achieved by implementing the correct testing practises within your business.

We can assist your developers in creating the correct testing methods that will benefit your business directly. There are many different methods that can be used when testing software, so it is important that correct method(s) are selected and used.

Writing reusable code

The ability to write reusable code is an important skill and will assist in the longer term move to component based development and help speed up future software development. Libraries of known working code that perform specific functions allow developers to rapidly develop new applications without having to extensively test every component each time.

Once a class or library has been written, tested and placed into the library it can be reused over and over with the knowledge of how it works and how to use it correctly. Changes to the library code can be quickly and easily rolled out across all products, speeding up and simplifying bug fixing and software support.