Software testingMaking sure that software performs as it should

Software testing is one of the most overlooked and underrated aspects of software engineering. When time or budget is short the first thing to be ignored is full testing of software. Often the mantra of 'good enough is good enough' is used and the odd 'bug' is tolerated or worked around.

For example, we know one company who had a memory leak in a peace of software, but rather than fix the problem, they simply restarted the software automatically every hour. This bug could easily have been identified and fixed in correct software testing had been carried out, but instead a 'work around' was implemented.

We split software testing into 2 key areas, both of which are equally important and should be given an adequate amount of resources to complete fully.

  • Validation, verification and error handling - These tests are used to ensure that the software handles input correctly and functions when unexpected inputs are given. All data should be validated and verified and the correct error handling should be implemented.
  • Fit for purpose - These tests are used to ensure that the software as a whole meets the requirements of the business and is actually fit for the purpose for which it is being used.

We can work with your internal development teams to draw up and execute the required test plans, or if required we are able to draw up and execute the test plans on your behalf.