WolfPack OnlineThe home of anti-social networking
WolfPack Online

WolfPack Online is a new style of social networking site. The aim of the site is to give you the user complete control over what you share and who you share it with, while at the same time keeping everything totally secure.

On WPO there are no friends of friends or public posts, only the people you allow to see something have access to see it, so you have complete control over access to your data.

So why do we call it the home of anti-social networking? for the simple reason that we don't want to share your data with the world, in fact we don't want to share you data with anyone, only you can do that.

Your data is just that yours. At no point will you handover ownership of your data (including photos, videos etc.), everything you upload will always remain yours and you are the person who decides who will see it.

Security is the primary focus for WolfPack Online. All connections are encrypted (HTTPS), databases encrypt personal information and a segregated and modular design means no one system has all the information on it.