jFingerprintWeb browser fingerprinting and identification

jFingerprint is a custom web browser fingerprinting and identification technology. The idea is to be able to uniquely identify a specific web browser on any given device no matter what the device or where it is located, and without the use of cookies which can be deleted or manipulated.

  • Works on any web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.).
  • Works on any device type (Desktop, mobile phone and tablet).
  • Can identify different browsers on the same device.
  • Built using the latest web technologies.
  • Ideal for spam and fraud prevention.
  • Remote call capability for extensibility.
  • Buy it or use our hosted CDN.
  • Locks to specific domains to avoid theft and reuse.

jFingerprint works by interrogating a web browser for as many details as possible including but not limited to:

  • Browser information.
  • Browser supported items.
  • Plugin information.
  • Geographical information.
  • Device related information.
  • Operating system information.

This collection of information is combined into a SHA256 hash which gives you a unique fingerprint for any given web browser.

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