BacuruWe do the remembering for you

Bacuru is an internet based reminder service. The key function of the service is to alert or remind the user of a specific event that they wish to be reminded of.

An example list of reminders:

  • Birthdays / Anniversaries
  • Dentist / doctor appointments
  • Car tax / MOT expiry
  • Students exams
  • Driving test
  • Parents evening

This is not an exhaustive list, but a simple example of the types of things that everyone has to remember every day. The problem these days is that everyone is very busy and so a lot of ‘less important’ things get forgotten along the way.

How often have you forgotten a dentist appointment or a haircut or missed meeting up with friends simply because you had too many other things to remember and this event slipped off the mental pile?

Bacuru is a solution to these problems, simply login and tell it what you want to be reminded of and when you want to be reminded and we will take care of the rest. We can remind you via email and SMS (text message); we can even post events to your Facebook or twitter account.

Having a party? Want to remind your friends the week before? Set up a reminder to post it out for you, and then you won’t forget.

As our tag line says ‘we do the remembering for you’. We are even able to remind you at regular intervals, whether that is weekly, monthly, annually, there is no reason to ever forget your important events ever again.

Anything you want to be reminded of any time of the day or night let Bacuru do the remembering for you.

Bacuru Connect

We have created Bacuru Connect especially for the SME market. How often have you had customers miss an appointment because they simply forgot that the appointment had been made? Are a doctor, dentist, optician, garage owner or personal trainer?

Missed appointments direct impact on your revenue, you don’t want to have your staff sitting around idly because a customer failed to attend an appointment, this costs your money as more often than not they only pay if they turn up.

Do you have a business that needs to be able to remind or notify customers or members about special offers or upcoming events on a specific day?

Failing to notify your customers or members about special events or offers can impact your revenue, if you run a club and want to notify all your customers of a live band or similar event then failing to do so effectively will impact how many people attend and directly impact your revenue.

Do you just need to be able to remind your own staff of upcoming events and appointments? Does someone else manage your staffs’ appointments?

Bacuru Connect is a simple solution to these problems and many like them; simply login to your account and set up a reminder for your customer, they will then be reminded in advance (you can define when) of the upcoming appointment so they can attend or cancel in good time so you never waste time waiting for people who do not turn up.

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