HelpManaging your subscription


Subscribe response messages:

  • Pending verification - Your email address has been registered but is waiting for verification.
  • Email already registered - Your email address is already registered and has been verified.
  • Pending deletion - You have requested to be unsubscribed from the newsletter but have not yet verified this request.

Please note that emails pending deletion will still receive emails until this request has been confirmed.


Unsubscribe response messages:

  • Already pending deletion - An unsubscribe request has already been made, but not yet verified.
  • Email not registered - Your email address has not been subscribed to our newsletter.

Unsubscribed in error?

Simply select the 'cancel unsubscribe' option in the verification email.

Resending verification email

If you have requested to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the newsletter then you will need to verify this request by clicking on the link that is emailed to you, this is for your protection and ensures that we only send the newsletter to people who have double opted in.

If you have lost or not received your verification email, then simply request that the email be resent using the 'resend verification email' box.

To stop people from spamming using this tool, resend verifications are limited to no more than 1 every 6 hours.