We have seen a lot of things in the news of late about the so called 'snoopers charter' and how it will make the country a safer place and think about the kids dammit!

So will the snoopers charter make the country a safer place for anyone at all ?

Short and sweet answer - No

The charter is aimed at allowing for the collection of pretty much all information relating to what you do on line, emails sent, skype calls, web browsing history and much more. This information can then be accessed (with a warrant) by the authorities to allow them to solve more crime and stop terrorists. This all sounds very good in theory, except for one small issue, it won't stop anything of the sort.

Most of the criminal elements in this country (and other countries) are very technology savvy. They are already making use of VPNs, anonymous proxies and many other solutions which will allow them to get around the monitoring put in place by the charter.

A lot of people who are concerned about privacy (which includes us), are also very technology savvy and we implement the same solutions as the criminals for almost the same reason, we don't want people to snoop on what we do, not because it is illegal, but because we believe we have a right to privacy.

So who will be affected by the charter? basically Joe Public, the normal everyday internet user, the ones who use it for fun and are not too worried about privacy or don't really understand the implications of this sort of law. So most of the information that will be captured will be about what people had for dinner, or where they got drunk with their mates of a Friday evening, they might even get the odd racial or sexual slur which they can arrest people over, but stopping real crime, paedophiles and terrorists, not a chance, the people making the law are using scare tactics to try to scare people into agreeing, but without giving people all of the facts.

It is highly likely this law will come into effect, it is also highly likely that a few small prosecutions will happen in order to justify the law, and these prosecutions will be splashed all over the media by the government to show how they were right, but what you will not see is any real results from this because the concept is flawed from the very start, because the people making the law are too stupid to understand the technology they are trying to police so it is destined to fail.

Look out for websites and tools popping up all over the web shortly detailing ways around this law and offering services to protect your privacy on-line.