There is an ongoing battle between the ISPs and the music / movie industry, where the later is trying to force the former to block content, so lets look at this in more detail, will it work? should it be done?

Will it work? Simple answer NO.

Ok lets expand a bit, how does blocking generally work? The ISP is given a list of IPs or domains to block access to, this will only work if:

  • The IP / domain never changes
  • The end user isn't using a proxy / VPN to get around the filters
  • That all ISPs implement the blocks at the same time all over the world
  • You ignore peoples privacy rights and various laws

The music industry should look at solving this problem themselves, for example makes the products a reasonable price, make them available globally at the same time, make them available in a global format, and develop anti-piracy technology. Then you might have a chance of convincing people to stop. The average price of a cinema ticket in the UK is £10 per person, so for a family of 4 to go and watch a film, buy snacks and enjoy the evening you are looking at a total in excess of £50s, which a lot of people don' have. This is why companies like netflix and lovefilm are doing so well.

Should ISPs block content? Simple answer NO.

What right does a company have to define what I can and cannot view on the internet, it is my choice what I do and I deal with the consequences of those actions, this is not china, the government should not dictate what we can and cannot do on the internet.

The same argument is being made around pornography and protecting children on line, with parents demanding that ISPs do more. Why don't the parents do more, like maybe parenting their child and stop expecting everyone else to do that job for them. Educate your child, supervise your child and generally parent you child! If you don't have the skills or knowledge then ask for help in getting that knowledge, lobby the government to create courses or provide material to help you understand how to help your children, don't give over responsibility to someone else to do it for you.

We are big advocates of freedom, the right to do what you want, and if you break the law then you are responsible and you deal with the consequences of your actions. If you put in laws that are impossible to implement all you will do is drive the groups underground, allowing them to create their own sites and servers where they will share such information, videos, pictures.

In conclusion, do not attempt to censor or police the internet, simply put you will fail every time because the people breaking the law know a lot more than the people making the laws, and they will always find a way around it. Work harder on educating people on the dangers of the internet, show them how to protect themselves, use APPROPRIATE technology to protect software or movies or songs and stop looking for a quick fix to the problem.

If you want to stop a burglar you don't make a law saying everyone should have 5 level locks on their doors!