There was a recent article on the BBC website which shows that the government are again trying to introduce a 'snoopers charter' into UK law.

The Home Office says the new measures would help police and security services identify:

  • Organised criminals
  • Cyber-bullies and hackers
  • Terror suspects and child sex offenders communicating over the internet
  • Vulnerable people such as children using social media to discuss taking their own life

This might sound like a good thing to do and offer valuable protection to both the country and vulnerable people, but it is in fact yet another misguided law that is being proposed by people who do not understand the technology being used or the fact that the 'bad' people will not be stopped by this new law.

Lets look in more detail at the way it will work. Basically all telecomms providers will be required to store the IP address of a device along with a device ID which will allow people to be tracked across multiple networks.

So what are the issues??

This is a privacy nightmare, this means your privacy will be removed totally and your movements across the internet can be tracked and recorded, this would well include every page you access and every email you send or receive, this could include online banking, online medical sites, or special interest websites. All recorded and noted down for future review. This would be done without a warrant and without any just cause or reason, it would be done as a matter of course and just because they can.

This will not add any level of protection, the whole idea that this will aid national security is at best a joke and at worst deliberate scare mongering. Terrorists and all the bad men Teresa May wants to catch are not stupid enough to communication on open and unencrypted channels. They use VPNs, they use encryption, they use disposable phones all things that this law cannot do anything to stop or benefit from.

This is just another attempt to erode the basic rights to privacy that every person should be allowed to have. The government should not be able to legislate in such a way that everyone is being monitored and watched and recorded all of the time.

When will the government stop lying to us and saying that it is for our own good and for our own protection when this is clearly not the case?? If you want to snoop on everyone then at least be honest about.