We have blogged recently about a number of ISPs in the UK who are implementing blocking / filtering solutions on their network in response to government.

We have also shown how simple this is to get around, by either changing your DNS settings or where the ISP has been a little more clever, simply set up a VPN. Most kids are more than capable of doing this and much more.

The technology to do this right simply doesn't exist. If I put up a pornographic video on my website, the current suggested blocking methods will NOT block access to this because the blocking is not real time inspection.

Trying to block access to adult content using this method is like trying to nail water to a tree, it is just a waste of time and effort and will prove ultimately useless.

We have stated before that this sort of blocking is all hype, it doesn't work, it is trivial to get around for anyone who has a tiny amount of technical ability and Google!

Worse it gives parents false hope that their children are protected which of course they are not, because the kids are the ones who will be able to circumvent the blocks with ease.

The answer to the problem of child accessing content that they shouldn't is not a technical one nor is it a legislative one. It is all about education.

Stop trying to force ISPs and other companies to be parents to the children of this country, force the parents to be parents. Parents are quick enough to blame ISPs and demand they do more, but there are already solutions that are already widely available, many are offered for free, but require parents to be parents.

This comes back to the same issue time and time again, educate people, support people and provide them with tools to make better choices, do not legislate for stupidity or laziness!