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There was a recent article on the BBC website which shows that the government are again trying to introduce a 'snoopers charter' into UK law.

The Home Office says the new measures would help police and security services identify:

  • Organised criminals
  • Cyber-bullies and...

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Today we were mentioned by name on a website relating to IT security. The post was in relation to an anomaly that we found which allows the listing of users internal IP addresses via javascript.

The article can be read here. As we were named specifically we felt that we should reply...

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Matt, editor for the broadband comparison website Broadband Genie, offers his opinion on what needs to be done to keep children safe online.

The UK government’s latest efforts at preventing children stumbling across unsuitable web sites has been widely derided as a huge waste of time and effort. Under threat of...

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I read a lot of tweets, blogs, forums which relate to security & privacy and there seems to be a very common thread running through a lot of them. They generally consist of people complaining about one service or another and how they don't agree with the privacy of the product, service or company.

For me there is a very quick, simple and pragmatic approach to this, one that is...

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